Managing Deliveries And Logistics In SG Better

Here are some general tips to help you manage your business’s logistics requirements better. Each company may have vastly differing requirements, and in this post, I’ll share with you logistics tips on dealing with islandwide deliveries in Singapore.

Depending on your requirements, you would generally need to figure out whether you need ad hoc Singapore delivery service or a regular basis one. Regular basis simply refers to e.g. goods restocking e.t.c., whereas ad hoc deliveries are generally same day on-demand courier delivery services.

When it comes to ad hoc deliveries, many Singapore companies can deal with that. However, not every company will do regular deliveries (especially if you deal with very bulky items). This is because most small courier companies may only have a bike, whereas a more established one like Network or PCA would have vans and lorries as well, offering a greater variety in terms of services provided by the company.

Do note that courier companies quote you prices which are inclusive of picking up the items from you. Although most people know this, some people mistakenly think that the price is not inclusive of that and thus wrongly think that the price is too high. It’s inclusive of pick up from you and travelling to the intended location. This is why even if they are the same rate as a taxi, they’re already considered cheap because they are seen as an ‘on-call / on-demand’ taxi service for items. That’s what a courier company does.

Every good courier company will notify their clients upon successful deliveries, especially the tech leveraged courier companies. However, the older and traditional courier companies often fail terribly at this, and only the newer ones will notify you of that.

Is it really better to use a courier company?

How do you know if delivering your own items, hiring a deliveryman for it, or outsourcing to a courier company in Singapore like PCA will be best for your company or organization?

Although the generic answer is, it depends, as an expert, I’ll give you my view on this situation, and you can then make your own decision based on the facts that I’ll raise up in the following paragraphs.

If you’re an individual, and the item you need to pass to someone is not important, and doesn’t even matter whether he or she receives it, then you should just pass the item to your recipient whenever both of you are free (e.g. you two can meet up and pass each other the item(s)). Courier services are not targeted at these people.

On the other hand, if you have tons of deliveries for your retail business in Singapore (e.g. it could you dispatching the goods to your customers or simply picking up items from the warehouse to be delivered to the retail outlets),  then it is a tougher decision to make whether you should hire a deliveryman for it or simply engage an external but very dependable courier company! Here’s a simple but effective way to decide if you should hire an in house deliveryman. If you were to add up the volume of deliveries you require from the courier company, multiply it by the price per delivery they charge, and it is lower than that of a single deliveryman’s salary and vehicle leasing price, then you should engage an external courier services company’s help for financial and operations effectiveness (because they’re established and experienced in performing deliveries). However, if it is significantly higher, then perhaps you should just hire your own deliveryman. Chances are, it would be cheaper to engage a courier company in Singapore for your deliveries.

Understanding Courier Services In SG

If you have not ordered courier services in Singapore, you would be surprised as to how difficult it can be ordering from certain companies! If you were to place an order with an ‘outdated’ courier company in Singapore, you would need to call them and provide them with all the necessary information. To double check whether the information is correct, you need to call them again and have them read it out to you. Not only is this tiring for you, it’s tiring for the courier company as well.

Thankfully, these outdated companies are going to die off and be replaced by the new and improved age of courier companies like These are companies which have decided to embrace and leverage technology to their advantage instead of fighting against it. With a combination of technology ranging from mobile application to email to websites, companies like PCA Masters have mastered the art of customer service support in the new year 2016. Working and leveraging the power of the Internet and technology is the only way going forward for businesses, and especially the courier business, and I presume that’s the reason why PCA Masters has grown so quickly from less than 5 to over 25 couriers and administrative staff in such a short span of time.

One of the most painful parts about engaging a courier service is the ease of ordering, and re-ordering. Each time you need to call them. But with some companies and mobile applications, you’re now able to either call / email or simply contact them through their mobile application or website, allowing you some flexibility. This is important if you’re at the movies or in a meeting and you need an urgent courier service without picking up your phone! Make sure to use a courier company that actually offers flexibility! This is year 2016 believe in technology and new things!!!!


Why And How to Use Courier Services In Singapore

If you need courier services, then here are some things you might want to know about the process of engaging a courier company in Singapore.

  1. First of all, most companies allow corporations to open a credit account with them. However, this is usually only the case for corporate clients, and they do not usually allow individuals to open such an account. This is because they will be able to bill the finance department and send it to the company’s bill instead. Therefore, don’t bother looking for a credit option unless you own a company.
  2. There are usually different prices that a courier service company may provide customers with – those that they provide to an everyday consumer, and those they provide to high volume customers. They will usually have a publicly stated price, while they provide discounts to customers with higher volumes or with regular requirements for deliveries. That’s normal because they will find it easier to achieve economies of scale with many deliveries each time.
  3. Usually you will need to send 4 main details to your courier company before they can execute your delivery. You will need to send the pick up address, sender contact, delivery address and recipient contact to the courier company. After that, they would be able to pick up and deliver the item (either parcel or document) for you.
  4. Most courier companies charge by zones and/or distance. This means that the further the distance between the pick up and delivery locations, the greater the price you need to pay. This is because of the higher petrol costs incurred, and the longer amount of time it requires to travel there. This is especially the case if you were to order urgent deliveries where the courier will perform the delivery immediately. This is because the courier would unlikely be able to perform many, if any, deliveries at all en route from your pick up point to the delivery point.

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Interesting business models in Singapore courier industry

Companies adopt different business models. Picking the right one will certainly propel your business to the front and gives you higher profitability. The right business models will need to make better financial, operational and strategic senses than other business models in the market. In Singapore’s courier industry, there are various interesting business models adopted by the courier firms. We will analyze them in this post.

Singapore courier firms’ business models

1. Conventional in house courier network
Courier firms such as PCA Masters adopt this conventional in house courier network. All the couriers are employed and owned by the courier firm itself. This gives greater control over its quality. However, the downside of this model is the relatively slower expansion. The supply of the courier services is highly limited by its manpower. In the event the demand for the courier services dramatically increases, the company may not be able to meet the demand fast enough. This will result in unattended customers. Hence, there may be a cap in the expansion speed.

2. Combination of in house and contractor courier network
Courier firms such as Courier Network and Courex adopt this type of business model. Part of the courier team is employed and owned by the courier firm itself. The other part is made up of external contractors. This model relaxes on its quality control. However, the external contractors will be able to help in providing some buffers and slack to the manpower. In the event demand for courier services drastically increases, these external contractors can come in and fill up the gap, providing the much needed manpower to fulfill more requests. This will result in lower unattended customers for the company.

3. Peer to peer courier network
The last courier business model that we are going to talk about is the peer to peer courier network model. Courier firms such as Lalamove and Gogovan uses this type of business model. This type of peer to peer business models usually result in the companies not owning any critical service provider manpower. For the courier industry, it means these companies do not effectively own the couriers. All the couriers are outsourced to external contractors. These external contractors have to sign up with the courier firms and use their applications to take up delivery jobs from the firms. Though quality may not be able to be controlled effectively, these courier firms can expand rapidly. This is because supply of courier services is not an issue. The courier firm will be able to grow as fast as the rate of growth in demand. There are essentially no restrictions in the supply.

Should every logistics company use lorries?

When you think about logistics companies, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it warehouse, lorries, or drivers? Many people will visualize lorries in their mind when they first think about logistics companies. It is a stereotype to classify lorries and logistics companies together.

No doubt, many logistics companies, especially the larger companies have lorries among their fleet of vehicles. It is common to see these lorries carry big items such as pile of sands or heavy machinery on the roads. However, should every logistics company use lorries?

There are a lot of logistics companies in Singapore, and I do not think that all of them use lorries. There are some factors to consider before a logistics company make a vehicle purchasing decision.

1. Capacity and utilization
Will the lorries be able to take in the workload or be fully utilized? For instance, if the items are big containers, it will be more appropriate to use a large truck. Big containers will not be able to fit into the lorries. In addition, are there going to be enough items to be transported via the lorries most of the time? If the lorries will not be effectively utilized, it will be better to downgrade and get a van instead. This will result in some cost savings for the company.

2. Shelter
Lorries are typically open top. Usually, there will not be roof tops at the back of the lorry to provide shelter to the goods. For some versions of the lorries which contain shelter at the back of the vehicle, the shelter will still be incomplete. This is because there will either be gaps existing between the wooden shelter all over, or the back side of the lorry will not be covered. Hence, if the items require complete shelter, a lorry will not be suitable. The logistics company will choose a van or truck instead.

3. Temperature-sensitive
In addition to the point above, if the items need to be kept at a low temperature, a lorry will not be suitable as well as it will not be able to offer the refrigeration feature. Only a fully covered van or truck is able to offer such a feature.

Hence, as you can see, some logistics companies in Singapore will not purchase lorries because lorries will not be able to transport their items efficiently and effectively. For example, courier companies in Singapore do not purchase lorries to aid in their operations. This is because lorries will be under-utilized as the items will usually be small in size. Moreover, the items will need to be sheltered and be kept completely wet when it reach the recipients’ hands.

On the other hand, if you want to transport items such as boats or furniture which are already wrapped properly in plastic wrappings, you can use a lorry to do so.

Tips for managing deliveries in Singapore

Logistics is a serious and tedious business. There are a lot of things you will need to take note of in order to carry out the logistics operations effectively and efficiently. One must be meticulous in order to handle logistics operations well. If you are not, perhaps it will be better for you to outsource the logistics operations to an external logistics company like PCA Masters. Outsourcing your logistics operations will definitely save you lots of time and money (if your deliveries are in low volume). If you have a high volume of deliveries to fulfill, you may be able to achieve a lower cost carrying out the deliveries in-house rather than outsourcing it. However, we shall not go deep into this topic in this post.

If you want to carry out the deliveries yourself, here are some tips you should take note of:

1. Estimate the delivery volume
The first step of planning your logistics operations should always be to estimate the delivery volume upfront. That is the key factor which your logistics operations will work to fulfill. Try to get an accurate estimation by using statistical methods and customer surveys.

2. Plan your manpower
Once you know the estimated delivery volume, you will need to estimate how much manpower you will need to carry out those deliveries. Ask yourself how many deliveries you expect a person to complete within a day, a week, and a month. Next, divide the total delivery volume by this constraint to get the number of manpower you will need to carry out the deliveries.

3. Choose the right vehicle for your logistics operations
Choosing the right vehicle is an art. You will need to choose a vehicle that can both be used to its full capacity and be able to fulfill the deliveries efficiently. Putting the vehicle to use to its full capacity will mean you have utilize it properly, with no wastage of space. In addition, the vehicle should be able to transport the items efficiently. For example, if you are going to transport large items like furniture, it will be better to get a large lorry. On the other hand, if you are going to transport small items, then it will be better to get a large motorcycle or a small van to do the job.

4. Plan for some buffers and back up
when planning your logistics operations, it is also good to plan for some buffers and slacks. For instance, you can get an additional driver above your required number just to replace others when they apply for sick leaves or unable to fulfill the deliveries for whatever reasons last minute. An alternative to this is to engage part-timers to fill in the slack.

Who Would Benefit From Courier Services In SG?

Now on first thought, when you think of delivering an item in Singapore, you probably thought about traveling there either by car, taxi or public transport to reach your recipient location and pass them the item. Fewer people may think of using courier services unless you’re a businessman or your company asked you to do so. However, little did people know that utilizing a Singapore courier can really bring a lot of benefits to you. Here are some people who will benefit heavily from courier services.

First of all, it would be the very busy housewife. Now, some housewives love the notion of saving money, and so they would rather spend 2 hours or 3 hours to and fro from their destination taking the slow public transportation just to pass their friend 1 item. If time is not important to you, then by all means, go for that, especially if you need to chat with your friend as well or want to catch up with them. However, if your only goal is to pass them that one item, you would do much better by simply engaging a courier services for $10 to $20 and get your item or document delivered while you rest at home, do household chores or simply watch your favorite drama series on Channel 5 or 8.

Second of all, if you’re the sole proprietor of a local business (e.g. small shop house business), then it’s best that you engage courier services. There are many times where you need to make urgent deliveries. Are you instead going to hold them off and get them all delivered only on certain days when you’re off shift or on the weekends? You should not do that, not when you have such affordable courier services in Singapore for your usage.

Third of all, if you’re a E-commerce business owner or distributor for a company like Amway, then perhaps, you might want to get courier services instead of delivering the item yourself. It can be really time consuming and nearly impossible to grow your business if you had to deliver every single item by hand, by yourself. Engaging a driver in house is out of the question as that would immediately generate around $4,500 and above fixed costs for you!!!! This is terrible if you’re a new start up. However, with courier services, you bring together cost effectiveness along with a ‘concierge’ level customer service. This is the perfect combination of doing something efficiently at a low cost. A Singapore courier will be very beneficial to this group as well.

There are tons of benefits that a Singapore courier can bring you, so make sure to utilize them and their services well to improve your own productivity. Almost anybody can benefit and save both time and effort when it comes to courier services, so just make sure to use them and work with only trusted ones like PCA Masters, Regent Courier, Network Courier e.t.c.